When you are in the middle of the jungle, or all alone in a camp, the dangers that you are exposed to are unbeaten and wores than you think.

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Staying unarmed, or not having anything to protect yourself is like giving your death an open invitation.

Keeping this in view, I have listed down three best ‘surviva weapons’ that are less demanding and easy to use, but you should keep them with you for the purpose of emergency.

Have a look at what they are:


Starting off with something that is least demanding is the easiest to use. Regardless f your gender and physical limitations, you can make use of a knife. I would recommend having a fixed blade knife with you. It is sharp, easy to use and is well suited for purposes like cutting rope, etc. as well along with the purpose of protection.


It is a valuable weapon for hunting and also serving the purpose of self-defense.

The best thing about it is the customizability which means that you can change the shell depending upon what are you using it for.

It makes it quite a convenient weapon.


You must be wondering that why you need rifle separately if you already carry a shotgun with you. Well, the answer is simple. A shotgun can shoot within a particular distance bracket where as a rifle has a much better outreach and range. These are useful in hunting down heightened animals in particular.