Tissue paper craft is a leading artwork. A simple tissue can enlighten your whole place if you use it creatively. Here is the technique to turn your simple lantern into a polka dot lantern. Follow the tips step by step and get an amazing lantern.

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  • The materials required for an amazing polka dot lantern are white paper lantern, collage pauge, scissors, foam brush and multiple sheets of tissue papers of your color choice.
  • The first is to make several folds of a tissue paper.
  • Once you have made folds, cut a number of circles into your tissue paper. You can use punch or a scissor.
  • Now take a foam brush or you can use your finger to apply collage pauge. It will look unique if you choose heavy dots at the top and tapered down into smaller ones. Also you can create a different pattern.
  • There are few things that you need to remember in this project. While buying a lantern, buy your light bulb and a cord. If you do not wish to have a light bulb, still it can a give a glow if it is hit by sunlight. Apply this idea to medium or mini strings lanterns. It will work better. If you use multiple colors of the tissue paper, it will look amazingly pretty. The project won’t take more than three hours so it’s a perfect creative work you can do in your free time.