We all know that slavery once existed and is now gone – at least to a certain extent. Some individuals believe that the masters actually become compassionate and gave the slaves their freedom. It must be noted that every slave who was emancipated earned his or her right and independence to live by fighting for it. Some even didn’t live long enough to live as an independent man for one day. The following are some of the most famous slave revolts that took place in history.

The Spartacus War

If you have watched the movie 300, then you know what this is about. Spartacus was a gladiator who decided to revolt against his masters for his freedom. The Third Servile War is one of the most famous slave revolts in history. Thousands of slave soldiers fought for their freedom under Spartacus in order to overthrow the Roman Empire. Unfortunately, the rebellion failed and most protestors got crucified for rebelling against their masters.

The Haitian Revolution

This was something that happened only a few centuries ago. This is known as the most successful slave rebellion in history. Even though the fight started as a slave revolt, the protesters ended up creating an entirely independent and free country. It was inspired by the French revolution since the latter happened around this time. This success inspired many countries in the United States and the Caribbean to revolt against slavery.

The Baptist War

Known as one of the bloodiest uprisings in history, the Baptist’s War was Jamaica’s attempt to overthrow slavery. Even though the slaves of Jamaica were largely inspired by the abolishment movements in Great Britain, their rebellion failed. This is mainly because they didn’t have enough resource and they were not strong in terms of numbers. This led to the bloody death of more than 600 slaves in Jamaica. This makes us feel utterly disgusted and according to the article by Dr Jonathan Brown slavery, this is precisely why must talk about slavery more openly.

Apart from these, some of the other famous slave rebellions that happened in the past include ‘The Zanj Rebellion’ and ‘Nat Turner’s Rebellion’.