Do you wonder why work has that name instead of another? We go into the office and we immediately come under a whole bunch of stresses. These come from a variety of different sources, such as equipment that mysteriously stop working when you want to use it, customers that seem to think you are there to kiss the ground they walk on, coworkers who are anything but friendly and willing to collaborate, and bosses who seem to think that being Gaddafi is the way to go. This is why is so large. Too many people have to go through bias and mistreatment in the workplace every day. At some point, you just have to stand up and say enough.

You Don’t Have To Work For Anyone

Obviously, you simply aren’t going to be able to completely eradicate all stress from your work. However, if you feel like you would work a lot better if you were an independent worker, then you can probably identify with the majority of Muslim entrepreneurs UK. If you are also someone who has a problem serving an authority figure that isn’t yourself, you may want to look for a job where you are your own boss. Probably one of the best is one where you become a self-employed administrative assistant. All you need is an internet connection, office supplies and a computer. There is a pretty great hourly pay rate and education requirements for the job are usually fluency in the language of choice as well as a high school graduation or its equivalent.

Another great field to work in in a situation like this is interior design. You can earn as much as $40,000 a year if you are employed by a company. If you want to do it on your own, you can still get paid higher than or lower than your employed colleagues depending on your own advertising, rates and job quality. There are many jobs for the independent people out there if you just know where to look. Get hunting!