There is a certain inane attraction to being a web designer and going freelance. One of the biggest perks is that you get to be your own boss. The master of your own fate, if you will. You get to wake up on your own terms, do what you want to before you start work, do some work and then take some breaks. You will get to live the rich life without ever having to slave away for it, won’t you?

Not so fast. The life of a freelancer specializing in web design is also going to be one that is full of irregularities in income, financial instability, a difficulty in balancing a business and personal life, and so much more. If you thought working for a single boss was hard, try working for 10 bosses in different locations around the world.

You Will Probably Veer Between the Two

The truth is that you will probably settle in the middle of these two extremes. If you can plan your work out and structure your life around it though, you are going to be guaranteed success in your projects a lot more often. Whether you want to be a freelance specialist in SEO Manchester or a classic designer, the options are going to be many indeed, and you are going to have to plan out your business in order to succeed.

One thing you really need to do is calculate the costs of going freelance. If you already have a stable job, you need to ask yourself whether this is just an impulse that will pass in time or whether you are actually going to have the time and the effort needed to make something like this work. There are many startup costs involved, and until you can get some steady work you are going to be hard pressed for living costs as well. Make sure you are both emotionally and financially prepared for the demands this job will have on you.