Pokémon could be considered to be one of the very first multi-platform games to have been developed.  It can be taken to be multi-platform in use for the simple fact that it did get to be used on more than a single platform.  In fact the first use of the game was introduced as a standalone game console that offered just the game.  The fact that it has been possible to adapt the simple game to a lot more adaptations, stand for the tenacity of this simple game.

The ability to function on a non-root handset

In many ways rooting an Android handset is set to bring with it a set of worry lines that most such actions bring about.  Security of use is one of the many concerns that a rooted smart phone brings about and in many ways the compromise on security can create situations that totally places the very use of a smart phone in question.

The typical need to root a hand set comes about by the very construction of an app that would tend to restrict the use of a phone.  Thus a use that does not need a rooting action not only is convenient but permits the most features of a typical handset to be used.

The need for location services

Since the hack for Pokémon really does not use a rooting action, the location services would still be available with the phone. This is a major development that can provide increased conveniences to users of the games as well as those who would want to use the smart phones to good effect.  There would be little purpose served to having to use a debilitated phone with a number of features being put out of use.